Delivery Service

del2We recommend that you contact the Mayflower Destination Member assigned to your move when you arrive in your new community. Please ensure they have a contact phone number to reach you. You will find their number on your Mayflower Bill of Lading. You can also request a Mayflower Contact Card from your moving consultant that will contain the phone numbers of the Mayflower Members involved in your move.

Your Van Operator will contact you at least 24 hours prior to your delivery to confirm all details. When the Van Operator and the unloading crew arrive at your residence, they will unload, unwrap and place your furniture and boxes in your new home as directed by you. All items that were disassembled on loading day by our crew will be reassemble on delivery day.

It is important that you check off items as they are brought into the house because we will ask you to confirm that you have received all the items. To make this process easier, the Van Operator will provide you with a Bingo Sheet. As the crew brings in an item they will:

  • Call out the item number to be marked off the Bingo Sheet
  • Compare condition of items as noted on your Inventory Form at loading to their condition at unloading
  • Note any new damage. Once unloading is completed you will be asked to sign the Inventory and the Bill of Lading.