Professional Packing Services

packTo ensure proper packing and preparation of your shipment, you may prefer to have your household goods professionally packed by Trail Cartage & Storage.

We will provide trained packers to ensure the highest level of protection for your belongings. Depending on the size of your shipment, one or more packers may be assigned to your move.

Specialized cartons designed for china, prints, linens etc. will be used as well as paper, tissue and bubble wrap to ensure safe transport. Items for packing will be removed from cupboards and closets by the packers. You must remove items for packing that are attached to walls.

Packing service is normally performed the day before loading. Small loads may be packed on the same day. Once the packing crew has finished packing you will be asked to sign a Packing Certificate. Your signature on the Packing Certificate will confirm the number of cartons that were packed.